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  • Portable Container Home For Camp
Portable Container Home For Camp

Portable Container Home For Camp



Thermal insulation, wallboard used energy-saving panels, heat preservation and energy saving effect is remarkable.

Cold bridge effective partition, advanced technology can effectively cut off outdoor to indoor temperature conduction to ensure indoor temperature stability.

Fire rating for class A, to eliminate fire hazards.

Relocation is convenient, mobile integrated container house, can be wholly moved by forklift and crane, can be transported by overall, packaging transport and bulk transport such 3 different ways.

Modular design, integrated production, our complete set of supply improves production cycle and working speed.

Excellent seismic performance of wind, low requirements for foundation, can perfect response to various environments.

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Product Information

Detailed Product Description

Material:Steel Structure And Sandwich PanelWall:Sandwich Panels Or Customized
Roof:75MM PU Sandwich PanelDoor:Steel Door Or Sandwich Panel Door


Office, dormitory building, movable bathroom/toilet, clinic, equipment shelters. And any other temporary house of building.

Packing And Shipping

Portable Container Home For Camp

Various Styles And Designs Of The House

Portable Container Home For Camp

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