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How to Prevent Moisture From the Container House?

Aug. 07, 2018

The Container House High Quality is a new type of active room, which introduces advanced modern home design concept, and adopts the standard process flow of steel, sandwich plate, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile, glass, paint and other materials through standard process flow. It is safe, environmental friendly, beautiful, economical, quick and efficient. Therefore, once the product is released, it can be sought after by the market. It can be regarded as the new generation successor of the traditional activity room.

Moistureproof is a few big problems of the Engineering Container House, because some are cotton sandwich, so the problem of moisture-proof must be solved well. In fact, good moisture-proof effect should be built on the wall surface of the Container House.Therefore, the experts put forward the following points for attention to these shortcomings:

1. the transverse connection between cotton and cotton is connected by means of stapler binding on the facing flash.

2. glass cotton edge, installation wall color plate;

3. cut the glass wool felt over 20 centimeters above the wall purlin and fix it with double-sided tape.

4. Face facing indoor side, roll from eaves to corners of the wall, and use double-sided tape to fix the glass felt on the purlin at the lower end of leaving an additional. 

Container House High Quality

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