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What is your Opinion on Container House Construction?

Jan. 15, 2021

As a Container House Suppliers, I would like to share my views on container house construction:

Ever heard that you can live in a clean, hygienic and comfortable house for 6 yuan a day? Have you used mobile homes, offices, toilets and kitchens? Have you heard of parking spaces that rent for a dime a day? Can you imagine that these can all be achieved through container houses?

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Let's talk about the characteristics of container construction first:


• The container itself has high strength, the ability to withstand loads is even more than that of ordinary buildings, and it also has anti-corrosion and certain fire-proof capabilities. It is a must-have product for your home travel.

Container house

• The cost is cheaper than traditional buildings, and it can be used twice without generating too much construction waste.

• Since the size of the container itself is fixed, each container can be used as a separate building or as a unit module forming a building, which simplifies the construction process, is easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.


• Since most of the material of the container is steel, it is prone to rust and other conditions, and the thermal insulation performance is not good. It is necessary to take insulation measures such as adding thermal insulation wool, rock wool board, silicate board, and coating to prevent rust Paint prevents corrosion of the cabinet.

In foreign countries, many container houses have become bachelor apartments, a kind of "combined home unit" is a 40-foot-long container; in the Netherlands, containers are even used to build dormitories for students. In China, such container houses are mainly rented on construction sites for workers to live in. There are also some cases of private purchase and lease. Could this kind of container house only become the savior of "snail dwellers" in China?

However, people still have a lot of controversy over containers. Some people think that living containers are difficult to become a climate because of their high mobility. If you live on your own, you must get a piece of land, because this is not allowed to be placed randomly. It may be today and tomorrow. Was hung away. Moreover, because container houses are not approved by the government, people who want to live in such dwellings can only hide in remote suburbs, or commit themselves to overpasses, or even some construction sites. However, some people think that the biggest advantage of container houses is that they are cheap and can be customized according to the needs of buyers. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, does not produce construction waste, and does not cause any pollution to the surroundings. It is like a box, which can be moved anytime and anywhere.

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