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What Should You Pay Attention To When Purchasing Container House?

May. 06, 2018

1. Look at the appearance: The color of the container house looks uniform and the texture is hard and smooth. In addition, carefully check the mounting parts of the integrated house before leaving the factory to see if the welding is secure.

2. Look at the fire performance: To check the fire performance of the container house, check if there are any damages in the two outer layers of the color steel sandwich panel and do not expose the middle insulation layer.

3. Look at the waterproof performance: The roof panel of the container house and the supporting member should have a reliable connection. If the bad weather such as strong winds is encountered, the roof of the container house is easily damaged.

4. Look at the light: The door and window of the container house cannot have visible light gaps. If light leaks, the heat insulation performance of the container house is not so good.

5. Look at the details: Look at the details of the container house. The corridors and staircase guardrails are smooth and free of burrs. The floor slab should be flat and firm, and there should not be a feeling of shaking. The connection piece should be waterproof and sealed.

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