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The Increasing Popularity Of Container Houses

May. 09, 2018

In foreign countries, the container house can be seen everywhere. It is made of molded steel plates and aluminum. Then connect the water pipe, gas pipe, power line, and then you can live there. The biggest advantage of the container house is the low cost of environmental protection. which is only 1% to 10% of the same-size housing. It takes ten months or even more than a year to build an ordinary residential house, build such a container house takes only one or two days. . The superiority of the container house at the Sydney Olympics was almost reached to the extreme.

In the UK, mobile homes have become the hope of office workers. The real estate in the United Kingdom has been prosperous for several years. The shortage of new housing is the direct cause. The newly built housing here can only meet one quarter of the family's needs, and of the housing is to meet the needs of the high-income class. In order to ease the housing crisis in the United Kingdom, the government personally went into battle to “sell” light steel micro-active houses, which are small in size and only 35 square meters. But it is fully functional.

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