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Prerfabricated House Brief

• Prefabricated houses, often referred to as prefab homes or simply prefabs, are specialist dwelling types of prefabricated building, which are

manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled. Some current prefab home designs include

architectural details inspired by postmodernism or futurist architecture.

• 's prefabricated/prefab House is a kind of environmental friendly, economical mobile house that used sandwich panels as wall and roof cladding

system, combined by standard module, and the structural steel members connected by bolts.

• Prefab house is widely applicable in different solutions: the temporary accommodation house for road, railway and building construction site,etc.Also

prefabricated solution can be

used as temporary office,meeting room,headquarters,public accommodation,and temporary store,school,hospital,parking lots,show rooms,electric con

-trol house,gas station etc.

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