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Advantages And Technical Points Of Container Building

Apr. 20, 2018

First of all, from the perspective of the entire construction process and procedures, container building foundation construction has greater flexibility. For some semi-developed or undeveloped destinations, such as mountainous areas, wetlands, or some development destinations with better ecological environment, its foundation construction is relatively simple and advanced, and the damage to the environment is very small. One of the more important reasons is the foundation of the foundation. Because it is not necessary to use foundations like traditional buildings, instead of using ground bolts, construction can be carried out without destroying the original landscape.

Followed by the wind resistance of container house, seismic resistance is relatively high. In the construction of the site, the water, electricity, and construction waste generated by the container construction are very small, and dust and construction waste are reduced by more than 90% compared to traditional buildings. This is a disruptive change and it is also a major advantage.

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