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The Obvious Advantages Of Container Construction

Apr. 23, 2018

In terms of construction speed, as a modular building, 70% of the construction of container buildings can be completed in the factory, which will make the construction speed very fast. It takes at least one week and a week and a half for an 800 square meter traditional civil foundation. time. The 800-square-meter building space in a container building only takes one and a half days. In the future, we can build houses just like building blocks and it will soon be fully realized.

Then there is recycling. The container house is an exquisite steel structure. As a building theme, the traditional building will be a construction waste after it is dismantled, and the container building can be reused up to 75%. It is easy to disassemble and move. In these areas of reuse and mobile development, container construction has a very clear advantage.

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prefabricated container house

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