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Advantages Of Container House

Jun. 28, 2018

Container house has many advantages:

1, convenient transportation, lifting speed and convenience.

2, high strength: welded steel frame to meet the strength requirements. It is the  building block in the building for earthquake resistance and is very suitable for reconstruction after the disaster.

3, the top of the overall welding, the entire board waterproof and leakproof design, more secure and reliable.

4, beautiful appearance: the wall using color steel sandwich panels, small plate modular design, product connection science, smooth surface.

5, strong weather resistance: with good acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosive, suitable for a variety of wet, corrosive environments. With waterproof, noise, insulation, sealing, easy to clean, easy to maintain, beautiful appearance and so on.

6, typical applications: office, headquarters, conference rooms, staff quarters, prefabricated shops, prefabricated schools, prefabricated hotels, prefabricated factories.

Advantages Of Container House

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