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Three Criteria for Measuring the Quality of Container Houses(Ⅰ)

Jul. 04, 2018

Container House China as the  effective means and basic solve the accommodation problem, should the use of flexible, and dismantling is convenient wait for a characteristic to present its is popular among major demanders temporary residence, and in the specific cooperation will inevitably involves the measure of quality problems, and to the realization of the more objective the comparison of the related content through the following three criteria will be more effective.

1. Measure according to the module of service content

Container House Exporter in the process of container house cooperation, will inevitably involve material distribution. The construction of the content and subsequent recovery service, and good service is one of the essential requirements of collaboration, therefore in the process of measuring will need into service content module, service type and content of process and service involves surface comprehensive comparison of measured and other related content, to better understand the stand or fall of container house brands;

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