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Classification Of Container House

May. 14, 2018

1. Caigang Mobile Housing: The active board room on the construction site is also a kind of container house, adopting C-shaped steel, H-beam welded skeleton, wall panels and roof panels adopting insulated Caigang sandwich panels, assembled Simple house.

2. Light steel structure housing: Light steel housing has very good insulation properties because its design is based on safety and livability. It contains a heat insulation layer and a heat insulation layer to prevent thermal bridges and cool in winter and cool in summer. With shock resistance. In addition, the construction speed of light steel houses is also very fast. A 200m2 building can be completed in a few weeks. Because in addition to the foundations, the required materials for the light steel houses are assembled at the factory and transported to the site as assembled cars. This not only reduces the difficulty of construction, but also controls the quality of the houses.

3: Wooden house: The wooden structure that is the load-bearing component adopts a single-layer or multi-layer wood structure made of square wood or round wood. The wooden house is not only cool in winter and cool in summer, moisture-proof and moisturizing, and strong in nature, but also contains a mellow cultural atmosphere. It is simple and elegant.

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