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Advantages Of Container House Compared To Traditional Houses

May. 17, 2018

Compared with traditional brick-concrete structure houses, container house of the new building material system has irreplaceable advantages: the wall thickness of typical brick-concrete structure houses is mostly 240mm, but the mobile home is less than 240mm under the same regional conditions. The indoor area available for integrated houses is much larger than traditional brick-concrete buildings.

The container house is light in weight, with few wetlands and short construction schedules. The thermal performance of the house is good. The wall panel of the container house is a foamed steel sandwich panel with heat insulation. Then,  of the building materials used in the container house are recyclable, low-cost, and environmentally friendly. In particular, the brick-concrete structure is not environmentally friendly, uses large amounts of clay, and destroys the ecological environment. Therefore, the breakthrough and application of container house in science and technology will be long-term, and will change the architectural model in the traditional sense, making the living cost of humans. Become smaller and the living environment becomes better. Can play a major role in environmental protection.

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Easy To Assemble Homes Modular Dormitory Building

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