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The Largest Demand for Temporary Container House

Aug. 15, 2018

Container House High Quality makes people's temporary living more convenient and comfortable, its price is relatively fixed, although different cities have different price standards, but similar to the city's container movable house prices are not much different, rent is more uniform.

At present, the domestic temporary construction industry is different from each other in different areas. The   demanding market is the temporary construction of the construction industry and the urban rail transit construction site. It is used for workers'dormitories, offices, canteens and warehouses, etc. The former simple shed built with small angle steel tents in the northern region was improved to 2-3 stories. Small angle steel bars and cement slabs composed of cement slab room; the south of the bamboo shed; and long-term need for open-air operations of the multi-purpose Container House.

Container House High Quality

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