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Container House Has Entered the City

Aug. 15, 2018

In the city

Crowded streets, noisy crowds

The grain purchase certificate and all kinds of tickets had vanished, and temporary residence permits were unknown.

More and more people step into the city, and countless new adventurers pour into this luxurious paradise.

Engineering Container House, a reminiscent of a pile of heavy cargo, will not have anything to do with city sentiment.

But after the big opening of the brain hole, the designer's handle. Things are quite different now.

The shopping center made entirely of containers is out of the ordinary.

Such a face value, fun shopping, revealed in the silk of domineering.

The slow playing of jazz, the whole city is immersed in the state of tipsy.

Into the cool Container House High Quality bar, a glass of red wine, retro and elegant desire.

Strong artistic color and vibrant architectural form, taste will return.

Warm atmosphere, intimate and attractive. Beautiful and modern design, everywhere different.

In a city full of lights, refuse to be noisy, unable to resist temptation, make people reluctant to forget.

Life attitude is a kind of satisfaction, but also a kind of living enjoyment, is a kind of happiness, but also an ideal to achieve.

Container House High Quality

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