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Is it safe to live in a container house?

Oct. 18, 2021

Container housing combines innovation and durability in a single package. In any configuration, a container home is exactly what it sounds like - a home made of steel shipping containers. Containers are quickly becoming the most popular housing option today. Not only are they affordable, but they are also environmentally friendly. Plus, they can be modified into great designs to suit the tastes of each owner. However, people still question the safety of shipping container homes. 

They have many questions that come to mind, including:

✳ Do shipping containers contain harmful chemicals?

✳ Is it dangerous to live in a container house?

✳ Can container homes withstand storms?


1. Health considerations

Many people worry about their health before moving into a prefabricated home. Shipping container homes can sometimes contain harmful chemicals left behind by the manufacturer or the construction process. 


Truth be told, studies have shown that chemicals are used to treat the wood floors in many containers to protect them from salt water. The painting process for these containers contains toxic chemicals, such as phosphorus and chromates. They can cause serious health problems when spilled or inhaled.


The solution to the problem is simple. Obtain new shipping containers that have not been treated with harmful coatings directly from the manufacturer. We encourage the use of impermeable floor liners. This will prevent harmful chemicals sprayed on the container's wood floor from penetrating the surface. Afterwards, you can lay the flooring for maximum safety.


Finally, another solution is to completely replace the wood flooring with marine grade plywood. It is a special plywood made with a waterproof adhesive. It is strong and durable with almost no defects.

a container house


2. Container houses are as safe as traditional houses.

Remember that shipping containers are built primarily to provide maximum security for cargo and to ensure that they are impenetrable. We need to be aware that during the modification process, metal is cut off to create openings for windows and doors. This means that the original security was tampered with. If you want to get the full security benefits of your container, we recommend that you keep the original structure as much as possible. That is, take the original door that came with your container and install it in the main location.


Nevertheless, a possible solution to help maintain the original security to a large extent is to ensure that high quality security doors and windows are installed, making the prefabricated pieces as secure as a traditional house. Another way to improve the security of a container house is to fix it on a concrete foundation.


3. Containers are made of strong industrial materials.

Containers are built with heavy metals (such as steel), which makes them very durable. Making them able to endure extreme weather conditions at sea and offshore. A key factor to consider before choosing a container is the climate and weather conditions in your area. You must seek the services of a professional to help you modify the container so that the doors and windows are well positioned for optimal ventilation.


Hiring an expert will also ensure that the original structural integrity and durability of the container is maintained. Containers are an excellent choice for people who live in areas with extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Therefore, it is safe to say that container homes can withstand storms.


Container homes are preferred in the event of natural disasters. For example, during an earthquake, they can be quickly assembled to meet the immediate needs of the homeless. Containers not only provide you with protection against severe weather storms. In addition, they provide incredible security for your belongings. Containers are extremely difficult to break into. So your family and your stuff will be safe.


In short, container homes guarantee the same level of security as traditional homes. However, shipping container houses require much less resources and money. Our company uses the best manufacturing process to ensure that your residential shelter is free from potential health problems.

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